Keep Your Lexus Running its Best with Routine Service Appointments

Lexus models provide a thrilling design and performance many love seeing in their Charlotte driveway. Our experts want to keep your Lexus performing how you want with routine maintenance and repairs. We'll work with you to see how easy it is to schedule a service appointment and ensure you can get the work you need from Lexus service professionals!

Services Your Lexus Will Need

Routine Lexus service appointments cover essential work for your vehicle. Our team wants to be your first choice for Lexus services, helping you see Lexus maintenance and in-depth repairs you should consider during your time of ownership. Routine service appointments look at parts of your vehicle that wear down quicker than others.

Oil Changes

A Lexus oil change has our team replace the current oil and oil filter. Oil is essential to maintain your vehicle's performance since it keeps your vehicle from overheating and provides the lubrication your engine needs. Forgetting to schedule an oil change can damage your vehicle because the oil gets thick and sludgy.

Brake Services

Keeping your brakes in good condition means you can stop when you need, which keeps you in control and safe. Our team will provide a brake inspection and repairs to keep you confident while driving. If you notice bumps, strange noises, or a longer stopping distance when pressing your brakes, it is time to schedule your brake inspection.

Battery Services

Your Lexus battery is important to start your vehicle and power all your electronics. A dead battery means you are stuck unless you can find a way to jump it, and our team doesn't want you to have that struggle. Our team can help you see when it's time for a new battery and choose a perfect replacement for your Lexus car or SUV.

Scheduling Your Service Appointment

You can schedule your service appointment online, giving you the easiest way to find an appointment at the most convenient time. The online service scheduler lets you see the available appointments to ensure you find one at the most convenient time for your weekly routine. Many Charlotte drivers need to postpone servicing their Lexus because they can't find the time for it, but we make it easier to ensure you can find the time that works for you.

Why to Service with Hendrick Lexus Charlotte

We're dedicated to providing the best for you and your vehicle. Our service experts are factory-trained experts with the knowledge to handle any repair or appointment for your Lexus. Every repair uses genuine parts from the manufacturer, making sure they provide the best for your vehicle. Parts directly from Lexus will be the right fit for your LX, ES, RZ, UX, or RC, providing everything needed for your time inside.

Contact Our Team to Learn More About Lexus Servicing

Our experts are happy to help with every step of vehicle ownership, including auto services. Routine service appointments keep your Lexus performing its best and maintain the sophisticated nature of your vehicle. You can get behind the wheel and trust your vehicle for every errand, commute, and road trip.

With experts who know every detail of your vehicle, a diverse selection of Lexus parts, and dealership amenities to keep you comfortable, it can be easy to see what makes our service center the right choice. You deserve the best while driving your Lexus, and we look forward to working with you soon!