Lexus Hybrid & Electric Model Lineup in Charlotte

Explore the New Hybrid and Electric Lexus Models with Hendrick Lexus

Charlotte drivers looking for the most efficient and entertaining driving experience should have a hybrid or electric Lexus on their list. We're happy to show you everything the new Lexus lineup offers, ensuring you get the model you will love for a long time. We're happy to show you each hybrid and electric car and SUV to find everything needed for your time of ownership.

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Lexus UXh

The Lexus UXh distinguishes itself with best-in-class combined EPA estimates, making it a great choice for any errand. The efficiency doesn't detract from its athletic performance, giving it everything you would expect from its aggressive design.

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Lexus NXh

If you want a sporty design that still provides 39 MPG combined, the Lexus NXh could be the right model for you. The snappy acceleration is a major benefit of the hybrid powertrain, ensuring you don't need to choose between efficient and exciting. The cabin has many advanced features, like available heated rear seats, to craft the model you want in your Charlotte driveway.

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Lexus RXh

The Lexus RXh has an updated design, seamlessly integrating the hood into the grille. The headlights maintain the slim and aggressive design you've come to love, drawing your eyes as soon as you see it on our lot. If you want a capable hybrid SUV without losing the stylish features you love.

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Lexus RX 500h

One of the newest additions to the Lexus lineup is the Lexus RX 500h. The RX 500h makes up to 366 horsepower and has DIRECT4 all-wheel drive as a standard feature. Innovative features add to your exciting driving experience, ensuring you will have everything you want during your time of ownership.

Lexus ESh

The Lexus ESh is a hybrid sedan that impresses with every facet of its build. It has the power you'll want for any commute, the space for your adventures, and the efficiency to create an uninterrupted driving experience. Class-leading legroom will make you the top choice when family and friends choose who should drive for any outing. As the most fuel-efficient non-plug-in luxury vehicle, you might even volunteer to be the driver.

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Lexus LSh

The Lexus LSh shows why many drivers are interested in a four-door luxury hybrid sedan. The front fascia highlights its aggressive nature with tilted headlights, sleek lines, and a dynamic drive. You can appreciate features like Lexus Teammate™ and the Advanced Park System that provide the innovation you might want while shopping for your next vehicle.

Lexus LCh

The Lexus LCh offers everything Charlotte drivers have come to love about the brand. Large air vents and the sloping roofline highlight the aerodynamic nature of the model. With a strong silhouette and snappy acceleration, it can be easy to see why you want the Lexus LCh in your driveway.

Lexus NXh+

The Lexus NXh+ has every aspect you want in your next vehicle. The stunning design, thrilling performance, and efficient drive provide everything you will need for your next vehicle. The electric-only driving mode offers a 37-mile range to handle your daily drives without burning fuel.

Lexus RZ

The Lexus RZ is the first all-electric SUV manufactured by Lexus. The minimalistic design creates a unique look in the lineup, while low grille slats and under-headlight shading to draw your eyes whenever you get near it. DIRECT4 all-wheel drive ensures you have the traction to handle slippery terrain or harsh weather.

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