Lexus SUV Lineup in Charlotte

Lexus SUVs Provide the Power and Capabilities You Want

While you can find many SUVs, Lexus SUVs offer a balance of style, power, and capabilities that bring them to the top of your list. We look forward to highlighting the benefits of buying an SUV and helping you decide which should make it to your Charlotte driveway.

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Lexus UX Hybrid

As one of the smaller options in the lineup, the Lexus UX Hybrid offers an exciting selection of features. Its handling can make it feel more like a car than an SUV, making it a handy option for any errand or commute. Hybrid power provides a near-instant response to pressing the pedal.

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Lexus NX

Various powertrain options make it easier to find the Lexus NX you want. The NX highlights its aggressive performance with sleek lines and sharp angles. Seeing the NX in your Charlotte driveway will encourage you into the driver's seat.

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Lexus NX Hybrid

The benefits of buying the Lexus NX transfer to the NX Hybrid. The hybrid powertrain makes it more efficient and adds a snappier response to pressing on the pedal. All-wheel drive is equipped on every model to maintain the best traction and control through difficult conditions.

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Lexus NX Hybrid Plug-In EV

The Lexus NX Hybrid Plug-In EV provides over 300 horsepower and an incredible range. Whether you face daily commutes or weekly errands, the NX Hybrid Plug-In EV lets you enjoy every minute you spend inside. Explore the features and options to ensure you don't need to settle for less than the best when shopping for a hybrid SUV.

Lexus RZ

As the only all-electric SUV in the new Lexus lineup, the Lexus RZ is a popular choice. The design differs from other Lexus SUVs, providing a modern and minimalistic look. The distinct headlights catch your eye when you step onto our lot, and standard all-wheel drive maintains traction for your snappy acceleration.

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Lexus RX

The Lexus RX maintains its popularity by offering a wide range of luxurious features and an attractive design. Running lights create a distinct impression with their "L" shape, while the large grille highlights its aggressive nature. The updated look could give the Lexus RX everything you want for your next vehicle.

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Lexus RX Hybrid

The Lexus RX Hybrid is a strong choice for many Charlotte drivers since it is exciting and efficient. The attractive design of the base model is shared with the hybrid, making it just as pleasurable to see it in your driveway as it is to drive it.3

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Lexus RX 500h

Buying the Lexus RX 500h provides the most powerful setup for the RX line. The F SPORT Performance package is standard for the RX 500h, as is DIRECT4 all-wheel drive, providing the traction and design you will love.

Lexus GX

The Lexus GX is a large SUV that makes its presence known wherever it goes. The grille is massive to accentuate its bold performance and identity. Getting inside can show you its sophisticated and advanced features with three-zone climate control, heated second-row captain's chairs, and heated and ventilated front seats.

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Lexus LX

As one of the largest SUVs in the Lexus lineup, the Lexus LX could be a top choice for many drivers. The LX maintains luxurious and sophisticated features alongside its four-wheel drive and a 409-horsepower engine. Whether you need a model to handle daily driving or want to go off-roading whenever possible, the Lexus LX could be the one for you.

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